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“A brand that is good for kids, heart and mind but also for the world around us”

Alysse Di Natale

Alysse Di Natale was destined to spend her career caring, educating and more specifically supporting the wellbeing of young people locally and communities far and wide.

Alysse has a patience for children like no other, always available to listen, connecting and embracing their enthusiasm. Whether they want to show off their new light-up shoes, their Spiderman T-shirt or tell me how much they love their new baby.

For over 15 years her attentive nature has provided Alysse an insight to the practical needs of children. More recently the last 4 years of Young Yoga the mother company of Meditate with friends, provided Alysse a new insight into the increasing need and desire children have for quiet time and moments of stillness in their surprisingly demanding day.

Mindfulness and Meditation is must at the end of each Yoga class and many children announce it to be their favourite time. A chance for each human being to connect with themselves, become self-aware and listen to their intuition.

When children are guided to take time daily to pause and notice how they truly feel: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They become familiar with what makes them happy and as a consequence, confidence and self-concept being to flourish. Especially if we (adults) nurture true self-expression with each child in our presence, without the expectation for our own desires.

So here it is!!

The release of Meditate with Friends an App designed to give voice to the child wishing to speak and be heard. And the first of its kind, a community of children dedicated to each other’s well-being through meditation.

“Meditation by children for children”. This is her dream come true.

Meditate with Friends



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