Welcome friends to your playlist of morning meditations. We invite you to explore and find your favourite guided meditation to start the day. Choose a friend or meditation to your liking and take notice of how it makes you feel. Maybe more focused, clear and calm perhaps you enjoy this experience different each time. Remember when you meditate with friends it’s always your journey.

Welcome friends to your Gratitude playlist. These meditations are designed to invite you on a special adventure back through your day. During a busy day, with lots going on it can helpful to take a pause and remember something we are thankful for.  You can choose a friend or meditation to help to bring some positive vibes to your body and mind. 

Welcome friends to your relaxation playlist, a series of mindfulness and meditations guided by friends for when you and your family need a little encouragement to take some time in your day to relax and enjoy a calm moment. These meditations are perfect for an afternoon pause at home or Aftercare before home work begins. Great at any moment during the day or evening too. These meditate with friends playlist can be enjoyed and especially helpful during school hours for Students between learning topics and need to transition to another task. 

Welcome friends to your loving kindness playlist. A playlist of meditations that are designed to bring health and happiness. Treating ourselves kindly and offering kindness to others often has a positive effect on our mind, body and soul. So why not add a loving kindness meditation to your weekly routine.

Welcome friends to your bedtime meditation playlist. We invite you to explore and find your favourite guided meditation. You can choose a friend or meditation to help prepare your body and mind ready for a peaceful sleep. Meditate with friends is a great way to enjoy your bedtime routine alone or with the whole family.

Welcome to this special edition playlist, a series of meditations created to bring communities together. These meditations have been collaborated with Meditate with Friends and a variety of organisations so we can bring more communities of children and families together to celebrate and bask in mindful awareness. Each meditation is unique and special. Take a moment in stillness to listen and you will see.


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