our vision

We all know that stress is prominent in our lives, the statistics are real and the media is readily willing to remind us of the reality for many. Our time and attention spread over a multitude of tasks, expectations to improve life circumstances, the pressure to succeed in a state of desperation, and the growing guilt and fear of the state environment is in. Aspiring for a beautiful life is fabulous, perhaps with realistic time frames and kinder more mindful expectations of ourselves. A reminder that there is no race to the finish line and perhaps we can invite ourselves to an afternoon, a week or goodness even a month to slow down and simply breath, connect with each other and take life in, at a slower pace.

So let’s do it! Let’s move forward and let the solutions lead the way. Meditate with Friends is here with children and the coming generations in mind and at heart. We are here to with a pleasant option designed as an early intervention tool for children and their families too.
However, you wish to refer to them meditations, mindfulness, voiceovers, relaxation stories, calming visualizations.

Our vision is divided into 2 missions:

  • To deliver a user-friendly tool that helps reduce stress in young people and connects families in a more meaningful way.
  • To build resilience and confidence in young people so they can handle the effects of playground bullying. Each Young Meditator goes through their own journey and this experience becomes a foundation as they face a challenge. Each listener guided by the innocence of a kind MWF friend has the opportunity to pause and listen to their inner voice, to notice how they feel and what makes them happy, sad, and inspired to love that person.

The content has been created by a Young Yoga specialist Alysse Di Natale with the creative input of children however most importantly voiced and delivered by children to the ultimate opportunity to captivate their attention and ensure mediation is an enjoyable experience and utilized to its potential.


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